Safety Camera Operations/Processing


MO10 Met Prosecutions
Band F
Full Time
36 hours per week

Job Title: Safety Camera Operations/Processing

Salary: £22,691 to £24,830 plus a Location Allowance of £1,043. You will receive £22,691 the band minimum. Progress to the band maximum of £24,830 will be via incremental progression.

Location: Sidcup

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) Safety Camera department works in partnership with Transport for London (TfL) and we are responsible for the enforcement of automated speed and red light offences received from the digital network of automated cameras distributed throughout the network of roads in London. This activity results in police sending a Notice of Intended Prosecution to the registered keeper of a vehicle requesting details of the driver. The team handle a high volume of offences to manage offending and ensure a suitable outcome.  Offences are processed through an adjudication system and drivers identified are offered an appropriate disposal outcome subject to eligibility criteria.

The Safety Camera department are currently looking for 2 candidates to fulfil the roles as either a Safety Camera Operations Viewer (Part Time – 20hrs Per Week) or a Safety Camera Processing Caseworker (Full Time – 36hrs Per Week). 

Depending on the role you will be responsible for:

  • Ensuring traffic violations have been correctly captured by the Digital Safety Camera Network and arrange for a Notice of Intended Prosecution to be served on the Registered Keeper within the 14 day statutory time limit.
  • Ensuring the efficient and accurate Processing of cases detected by Traffic Safety Speed and Red Traffic Light Enforcement Cameras and input of related documentation.
  • Being part of a team responsible for tracing drivers of vehicles photographed by Speed and Red Traffic Light Safety Camera Enforcement located throughout MPS.
  • Ensuring appropriate enforcement is taken which may vary depending on the circumstances, from the issue of a National Safety Awareness course or Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty or prosecution at court. The latter two outcomes both result in the payment of a fine and driving licence endorsement.

Please click on the below link to view an online candidate information pack that will you give you an insight into the Met, the competency framework we use which shapes our daily work behaviours, the application process and a host of other information, that will help inform and support your application:

Please visit our website to apply and download a role-specific information pack. Applications will be via an online application form.

Completed applications must be submitted by 10th August 2020.

We view diversity as fundamental to our success. To tackle today’s complex policing challenges, we need a workforce made up from all of London’s communities. Applications from across the community are therefore essential.

As a Disability Confident Committed Employer the Met have committed to ensuring that disabled people and those with long-term health conditions have the opportunities to fulfil their potential and realise their aspirations.


Please see the information pack for a list of Knowledge, Skills and Experience required for each role.
Team Leader
The following competencies will be tested against during sift only.
  • We are emotionally aware at level 1
  • We take ownership at level 1
  • We are collaborative at level 1
  • We support, deliver and inspire at level 1
  • We analyse critically at level 1
  • We are innovative and open-minded at level 1
The following values may be tested against during sift or interview:
  • Compassion 
  • Courage 
  • Integrity 
  • Professionalism 

This opportunity is closed to applications.