202003 - MPS Return Scheme


MET Business Group
Part Time/ Full Time
Police Officer – Subject to posting

Thank you for expressing an interest in rejoining/returning/transferring to the MPS.   As a result of COVID 19 we are seeing far less of our experienced officers leaving the Met.    This means that we are not currently taking forward any new applications for rejoiners/returners/transferees* and will review the situation again in January 2021.  In the meantime you are welcome to register your expression of interest and we will let you know when we are in a position to take your application forward.

 *If you are a transferee looking to transfer at the rank of Sergeant or above then you can still apply through our promotion process.

In light of the unprecedented times we are facing as a country and the Capital, the Commissioner is asking former Met officers to re-join to help support the public of London and their former colleagues. To enable former officers to re-join, the MPS Return Scheme has been extended to allow more officers to return to the Met to play their part in keeping London safe for everyone by using their valuable skills and experience. The scheme allows a Police Officer to retire from the Met but to then return as an attested officer after a short break of service. Officers that retire will be given access to their commutation lump sum.


To be eligible to apply:

• You must have 30 or more year’s pensionable service and hence be entitled to retire with maximum pension benefits (40/60ths) in order to be eligible for the Scheme.

• Have retired since 31 March 2015 or will reach 30 years pensionable service and could therefore retire. There is no longer a requirement to have a one month break in service.

If you retired as a Constable/Detective Constable or Sergeant you will be able to return at that rank. If you retired as a Detective Sergeant you will not be able to return to the rank as we are full of those positions, however you can return as a Police Sergeant. The scheme is mostly aimed at officers at the ranks of constable and sergeant, in order not to reduce career development choices for other officers. However, by exception, where we have particular gaps in skills or experience, we will consider applications from more senior officers from the ranks of Inspector up to and including Chief Superintendent. The Met will assess applications from senior officers based on where we have particular gaps in skills or experience.  For those that are still in the Met and due to retire, if you are Constable or Sergeant you will be able to return at that rank. If you are an Inspector or above you will need additional authority from your Business Group Assistant Commissioner and the Director of HR.

• Some conditions of service change following retirement and re-engagement on the MPS Return Scheme. Officer must carefully consider the MPS Return Scheme guidance.

• Re-engaged police officers will be subject to pension auto-enrolment in line with the Pension Act 2008.

Please note

• This is designed to be a fast track return process.

• We will assess your skills and location preferences to try ensure you are posted to a role that best suits your needs and abilities.

• We will ensure you receive the appropriate training and support to fully welcome you back to the Met and ensure you are deployable as soon as possible.

• Working hours are between 16 and 40 hours per week.

• You will need to complete a minimum 6 month tenure.

• Offers will be subject to satisfactory vetting.

This opportunity is closed to applications.